Grand opening sale of white marble tiles

I am excited to announce our grand opening sale! We have been looking forward to moving to this property for a lot of reasons, but one of the things that makes us the most excited is our new, indoor slab showroom. We now have the storage room to be able to buy slabs by the container. That’s why we’re excited to announce for this grand opening sale we have brought in a container with 9 of the best selling Silestone engineered quartz slab colors. One of the biggest benefits of buying in bulk is the cost savings, and we are passing the savings on to you, our loyal customers. We are offering these 9 Silestone colors at $10 a square foot off of our regular prices. For example, one of  Silestone’s best sellers, Calacatta Gold, which normally sells for $86.65 per square foot is marked for this grand opening sale at $76.65 per square foot. It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to do a single vanity or an entire kitchen, or if you want to use a different color in each bathroom. As long as these colors last they will be on sale at our grand opening prices. If you are building a house and won’t be ready for a few months, you just need to come and pick out your color and put a deposit down while selections are available. These colors will not last long at these prices. Remember, this sale is only for these nine colors that came on the container. If you are thinking about giving your business to one of the big box stores, before you make a deal please come take a look at our pricing and let me give you a tour of our fabrication facility.  With a big box store you would have to drive to someplace in South Carolina to tour their facility, if that would even be allowed. Grand opening sale, 2425 Norwich Street in Brunswick, Georgia. Please come see us!